9 in 1 Steam Cleaner Review

The new 9 in 1 steam cleaner operates as an upright steam mop.  It can also operate  as a handheld steam cleaner.  It can be used for a many purposes throughout the home

It is called a 9 in 1 steam cleaner.  Because it is capable of cleaning 9 different surfaces

It can clean: Hard floors, Carpets, Work Surfaces, Windows, Tiles & Grouting, Oven, Hobs & BBQ’s, Upholstery, Taps and Clothes

As a steam mop you can  use it on hard floors.  Then attach the carpet glider to use it on carpets

You can then convert it to a handheld steam cleaner.  Where it can clean a  variety of surfaces

The 9 in 1 steam cleaner only takes 30 second to heat up.  It will then run for 14 minutes


Hoover SSN1700 SteamJet Steam Mop Review

The Hoover SSN1700 Steamjet Steam Mop  is the best steam mop I have tested.

This is mainly because the mop has a unique feature that does not appear in other steam mops.

This consists of a dual head. A large rectangular head designed for cleaning large areas. This head contains a triangular scrubbing brush.

This brush can be detached and used for hard to clean areas and to get into the corners of your rooms.

In addition the Hoover SSN1700 is one of the most powerful steam cleaners with a specified 1700 watts of power.


Quest 9 in 1 Steam Cleaner Review

The Quest 9 in 1 Steam Cleaner comes from the Benross Group. They are a seller of quality goods for your home and garden.

The Quest 9 in 1 Steam Mop is very flexible. You can first use it as a steam mop. But it also converts to a handheld steam cleaner. The mop comes with thirteen accessories. This gives the mop the versatility to clean all your surfaces you need to steam.

There are more expensive steam cleaners. But the Quest 9 in 1 Steam Cleaner’s versatility together with its reasonable price makes it a good buy.

Abode Steam Mop Review

The Abode Steam Mop is a simple to use steam mop. It is suitable for cleaning a variety of hard floors and carpets.

Although construction is a bit flimsy, if used with care this model represents good value for money.

The Abode Steam Mop is both inexpensive steam mop, ideal if you just want to try out a steam mop.

Grimebuster X5 Steam Mop Review

The Trueshopper Grimebuster X5 Steam Mop is a powerful steam mop and handheld steam cleaner. It comes with a full set of accessories. Which will enable you to complete all your steam-cleaning tasks.

The price is reasonable. But but main issue with the grimebuster x5 steam mop is that some customers have complained about the poor quality of the mop.

The Grimebuster X5 steam mop can clean and sanitise hard floors, carpets, work surfaces, ovens, hobs, tiles, baths and showers.

You can also use the Grimebuster X5 to clean windows and mirrors.

In addition, you can use it to deodorise curtains and mattresses.

Russell Hobbs 21180 Steam Mop Lite

The Russell Hobbs 21180 Steam Mop Lite will be released on the 15th December 2013, just in time for Christmas.

You can pre-order the new Russell Hobbs Steam Mop from Amazon now.

The new Russell Hobbs 21180 Steam Mop Lite is an update of Russell Hobbs 20570 Steam Mop, which has been on sale for a while.

The main difference in specification is that the Lite has a smaller water tank at only 300 ml.  As a result, it weighs less than the Russell Hobbs 20570 Steam Mop which has a capacity of 700ml.


Russell Hobbs 20570 Steam Mop Review

If you are looking for robust steam mop at an economical price the Russell Hobbs 20570 Steam Mop is a good mop to consider.

The mop is able to clean a variety of different floor types including sealed wood, sealed laminate, lino and tiles.

It is also able to refresh carpets.

The mop cleans by steam only. No detergents are used and there is no time consuming use of a mop and bucket.

It has a large water tank which means you can do all your cleaning in one go.


Black and Decker Steam Mop Review

The Black and Decker Steam Mop has auto select digital handle commands. With steam burst technology that can easily get rid of difficult to remove marks and grime.  To ensure all the floors and other surfaces are clean.

The Black & Decker Steam Mop 7 in 1 allows you to by pushing one button.  To transform the upright floor cleaner into a handheld unit.

When the handheld steam cleaner has been removed from the main unit.  You can clean the remaining surfaces in your home with the included accessories. The surfaces you can clean include refreshing carpets, windows, ovens, tiles grout and taps.

The Autoselect digital handle command technology allows you to select a button for the specific floor type. The different settings include one for hardwood and laminate, tile and vinyl or stone and marble. The mop will automatically release the correct quantity of steam.

VonHaus 2 in 1 Steam Mop Review

If you are looking for a reasonably priced multifunctional steam cleaner which combines the functions of a steam mop with that of a handheld steam cleaner.

The new VonHaus 2 in 1 Steam Mop may be the solution to your search.

The VonHaus 2 in 1 Steam Mop is very versatile in that it combines the functioning of a steam mop with that of a handheld steamer all in one mop.

It also comes at a reasonable price considering the functionality it comes with.


Earlex Steam Cleaner Review

The Earlex Steam Cleaner is an all purpose steam cleaner

The Earlex steam cleaning kit is powerful.  It can break up dirt, grease and stains

It is lightweight, compact and robust

Comes with multi purpose attachments.  For cleaning from your floor to your ceiling

The cleaner is good for steam cleaning your home, office or car

You have forty five minutes of steam to clean with on a full tank

There is a storage compartment to store the attachments

Cleans for 45-minutes on full tank

No chemicals are required so friendly to the environment


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